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Prism Lab LLC is an all-in-one diagnostic lab that can identify most drugs of abuse in urine, hair, and oral fluid.

Our procedures are the gold standard in laboratory medicine.
We pride ourselves on our customer service and our rapid turnaround time. We are a group of individuals who are passionate about our reputation as one of the premier labs in the country to bring you results that you can count on.

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Quality Is Our Culture

Prism Lab LLC is Michigan’s premier lab dedicated to Functional Medicine diagnostic services. We offer individualized solutions for every ordering doctor or patient and have some of the most reliable testing lab panels in the country.

Our team combines over 25 years of experience in laboratory science with a dedication to patient care to provide results-driven testing in a timely manner. Our mission is to provide you with the best service possible. 

Prompt Notification

Through our process, you are notified multiple times between submission and when your results are ready for you to view.

Information Security

Our team uses a safe a compliant process to handle your personal information.


We follow all of the testing standards given by the CDC and FDA. Using this guidance we maintain the highest probability of accuracy and a consistent outcome.

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